Detail from Narwhal

Prepare your files for giclée printing

A short guide for preparing your files for giclée & fine art printing


  • Always save your files in non-editable, print-ready formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or PDF (preferably the first).
  • Do not upload files with layers, especially if they contain non-rasterized fonts, paths, etc.
  • Flatten everything to one layer (flatten image) before submitting your files for production;
  • If you’re saving your files as TIFF, please choose “no compression” in order to preserve the best quality of your files;
  • If you’re saving your files as JPEG, choose the highest quality possible.
Detail from Narwhal
Detail from “Narwhal” print for the talented Emma Lopes (


We gladly accept files in various color profiles such as Adobe RGB, sRGB, etc. While CMYK files are permissible, we recommend converting them to RGB before submission to Pigmento. All files undergo an automatic conversion to RGB as part of our printing software process (outlined in the subsequent points).

Rest assured, we understand the intricacies of the CMYK realm, including the complexities of prepress, subtractive and additive color mixing, and the myriad myths surrounding printing. Before staunchly advocating for the permanence of CMYK, consider a few essential points:

  1. Only utilize CMYK if you are absolutely certain about the ICM profile calibrated for the specific printing machine.
  2. When dealing with unique colors where halftoning and registration issues take precedence over color fidelity – a rarity in most cases.

In all other instances, there exists a significant risk of your CMYK files being converted to RGB (specifically, CIE LAB) and subsequently back to CMYK to align with the workflow’s ICM profile. Modern RIP workflows excel in converting RGB to CMYK, surpassing the capabilities of conventional software processes.

A crucial piece of advice: refrain from working or converting to CMYK mode unless you have full control over the entire calibrated workflow, inclusive of the printers themselves.

For optimal results with Pigmento, we recommend using the Adobe RGB or sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profiles. Our state-of-the-art 12-ink machines, equipped with a diverse range of inks, eliminate the need to confine your creative environment to the traditional four colors of the graphic industry.


Our printers, boasting a remarkable 12-ink system that includes 2 grays and 2 blacks, enable us to achieve authentic black and white prints without the need for color additives to balance grays.


For optimal results, we recommend a resolution of 300dpi at the intended print size. Should you encounter insufficient resolution, please reach out to us, and we will assist you in resizing or enlarging your files with minimal quality loss. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our printing machines do not apply any sharpening or any form of processing. However, during the prepress stage, we routinely evaluate the requirement for sharpening. If deemed necessary, we will incorporate sharpening into your image. Rest assured, we will promptly communicate with you should this adjustment be needed.


Currently, our giclée printing capabilities extend up to 44 inches or approximately 110 centimeters in width (at the narrowest margin) and a remarkable 18 meters in length (on a roll). While we take great pleasure in crafting expansive prints, we approach every project, including A5 sizes, with the same unwavering commitment to quality and excellence. No matter the size, your print receives our dedicated attention and expertise.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is recommended that all prints include a white border (or margin). This border serves multiple purposes, facilitating the handling of the printed work, simplifying framing, and acting as a sacrificial area in the event of potential damage to the paper’s physical limits. However, we also offer the option to print with no margin.

Prior to initiating any order or commencing production, our team will contact you to confirm file compliance, desired sizes, margins, shipping details, and other pertinent information. For any inquiries or assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Rest assured, everything is meticulously reviewed and confirmed before actual production commences. Should you have additional questions or require further clarifications, feel free to utilize our contact form. Your peace of mind is very important to us.

In summary, aim to achieve the following when preparing your files

  • Avatar Ana PT ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Atendimento muito profissional e cuidado, excelente qualidade de impressão, expedição rápida com resultados 5 estrelas. Excelente serviço!
  • Avatar Gonçalo JNJ ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Serviço profissional e diversificado, excelente oferta e preços, excelente e honesta comunicação com clientes, serviço eficiente e entrega 5*. A gama da papéis disponível é uma das grandes valências da Pigmento Coolectivo, bem como a simpatia. … More
  • Avatar Joana Maria Sousa ★★★★★ a year ago
    Serviço incrível desde o primeiro contacto até à entrega! Tão cedo não se vêem livres de mim.
  • Avatar Lex Zooz ★★★★★ 4 weeks ago
    The best guys in this bisness! Very friendly and operative team! And of course the highest quality art prints! It’s immediately obvious from their attitude that they do their job with love and full responsibility!
  • Avatar Laura de Pina ★★★★★ a year ago
    Super atenciosos, atentos ao detalhe e exigentes com a qualidade. Mas principalmente, muito simpáticos. Dá sempre gosto trabalhar com pessoas assim.
  • Avatar Pedro G. Prata ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Desde o atendimento, à impressão e ao cuidado no envio, nada fica ao acaso. Recomendadíssimo!
  • Avatar Luisa Barreira ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Impressionada! Não conhecia esta classe de impressão e agora entendo a qualidade.Muito prestável o Sr. Rui, desde o primeiro contacto; entrega a tempo e horas, recomendo.
  • Avatar Patricia Oliveira ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Este mês tive o primeiro contacto com a Pigmento, e seguramente não será o ultimo! Como não estava familiarizada com a maioria dos papéis que a Pigmento disponibiliza, pedi o pack de amostras (4 fotos em 4 papéis). Fiquei surpreendida com … More a qualidade de impressão e vivacidade das cores das minhas fotografias mesmo em papéis com acabamento mate. O processo de encomenda foi super rápido e em 3 dias tinha as amostras em casa, perfeitamente embaladas. Estão de parabéns! Serviço excelente! Obrigada 🙂

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