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Detail from “Narwhal” print for the talented Emma Lopes ( / Available for sale at ETSY



It serves as an advice for “how to prepare a file for giclée printing”, as it does for most other printing technologies and methods.

  • Always save your files in non-editable ​​print-ready formats like TIFF, JPEG or PNG ou PDF (preferably the first);
  • Do not upload files with layers, especially if they contain non rasterized fonts, paths, etc.;
  • Flatten everything to one layer (flatten image) before submitting your files for production;
  • If you’re saving your files as TIFF, please choose “no compression” in order to preserve the best quality of your files;
  • If you’re saving your files as JPEG, choose the highest quality possible.


  • We accept files in Adobe RGB, sRGB, etc.;
  • You may send your files in CMYK, but you may also convert them to RGB before sending them to Pigmento. All files are converted to RGB before going through the printing software (see following points);
  • Don’t worry, we’re very aware of the whole issue around the CMYK “complex”, prepress, subtractive and add modes, all the stories and the myths, but there are some things you should know before putting your foot to the ground saying that “CMYK is the thing”. In fact, you can use CMYK in any order to be sent to a printing service in 2 particular cases, namely:
    • 1) Are you absolutely sure about the ICM profile the printing machine is calibrated for;
    • 2) You’re using some special colors where halftoning and registration  problems are much more important than color fidelity, which, let’s face it, is exceptionally rare.
  • In all other cases, there is a considerable risk of having your CMYK files converted to RGB (actually CIE LAB) and then back to CMYK, in order to match the workflow’s ICM profile;
  • Modern workflows (RIP) are much more capable of converting RGB >> CMYK than the process performed by your software of choice;
  • You may take note of the following: never work or convert to CMYK mode unless you have full control over the entire workflow (calibrated) and this control includes the printers themselves;
  • The best color profile to use with Pigmento is Adobe RGB or sRGB IEC61966-2.1. At Pigmento we use 12-ink machines, we have a valuable range of inks at our disposal, there is no reason to restrict your work environment to the 4 colors of the traditional graphical industry.
Detail from a Black & White print over Hahnemühle Baryta FB 250gsm


Thanks to the kind of printers we use (12 inks) in which are included 2 grays and 2 blacks, we can print true black and white, without adding colors to balance grays.


The ideal scenario is a resolution of 300dpi at desired print size. If the resolution is not high enough, get in touch and we will try to help you with resizing/enlarging your files with minimal loss of quality.

Our printers do not apply sharpening or any kind of processing, but we generally assess the need to add sharpening in the prepress stage and if necessary we will add sharpening to your image. We will contact you if this happens.


At the moment we print giclée up to 24″ / approx. 60 centimeters wide (at the narrowest margin), up to 18 meters long (roll). We really like to produce huge prints, but the truth is that we will print any A5 with the same commitment.

PLEASE BE ADVISED:  All prints are, by default, produced with a white border (or margin). This border facilitates the manipulation of the printed work, eases framing and in case of damage to the paper’s physical limits, it works as a sacrificial area.

Sizes A2 and larger have a standard 25mm (1 inch) margin; Smaller than A2 size and even A4 sizes have a 15mm margin; A4 or smaller has a 10mm margin. We can reduce the margin on request, but we never advise borderless printing. Nevertheless be informed that we can provide this type of printing.

Before processing any order, we will get in touch to confirm files compliance, desired sizes, margins, shipping, etc. We are always available through 

Do not worry! It’s all done very calmly and confirmed before actual production.
You can also use our contact form to place your questions.

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    Desde o atendimento, à impressão e ao cuidado no envio, nada fica ao acaso. Recomendadíssimo!
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    Magnífico serviço de impressão giclée prestado pelo Pigmento Coolectivo. Grande disponibilidade e simpatia para esclarecer todas as dúvidas que tive e os envios das minhas encomendas foram sempre rápidos e muito bem acondicionados.
  • Avatar Luna Howell ★★★★★ a year ago
    Since moving to Portugal I had been searching for a reliable giclée printing service for my art. I'm so glad that I found Pigmento Coolectivo! Excellent customer service and high quality prints. I'll be ordering again!
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    Dedicação máxima ao cliente para obter resultados perfeitos! Impressões Giclée de excelente qualidade e embalamento extremamente cuidado. Recomendo!
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    Serviço impecável. Estava em busca de um bom serviço de impressão para minhas ilustrações em Portugal e da primeira vez que recebi minhas fine art prints não acreditei... As cores estavam incríveis, e a embalagem era perfeita. Vieram sem … More nenhuma avaria, e desde então imprimo sempre com a Pigmento. Além disso a impressão é rápida e o envio também. Recomendo e sou fã.
  • Avatar João Brum ★★★★★ a year ago
    Olá, Boa tarde.Acabei de receber as amostras dos teste que encomendei e, fiquei deveras impressionado tanto com a qualidade das mesmas mas também com a qualidade de expedição.Excelente trabalho é o que posso dizer. A partir de hoje têm … More mais um cliente.Obrigado mais uma vez pelo vosso excelente trabalho.Cumprimentos,João Brumj
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    Presta um serviço de excelência. 300% recomendável.
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    O melhor serviço de impressão digital 🙂 !!!