WE’RE CURRENTLY SHIPPING FROM PORTUGAL TO: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

The Order Fulfillment (OF) or Print on Demand (PoD) is a truly exciting business model for artists, physical stores selling prints or posters, online stores and galleries.

All you have to do is focus on promoting your work and leave the giclée printing, thoughtful packaging and express shipping with us.

The kind of relationship that we have been developing with some artists and agencies, allows businesses to be more efficient, with faster delivery, better quality control, less initial investment, less risk and, of course, greater profit.


Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for…

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The Advantages of a Order Fulfillment Model

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  • No start-up expenses or stock investment;
  • Completely hands free process that saves you time and money;
  • Tracked shipping available for national and international shipping;
  • Safe packaging for your prints;
  • Chance to include your own merchandise (stickers, flyer, certificates, etc.);
  • Chance to store your dry stamp with us for print stamping;
  • No maximum or minimum quantities for your orders;
  • Simplified policy and process;
  • Quantity discounts available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your ship my prints directly to my clients?

Yes. We save you time and money by directly shipping to your customers.

How are my prints packaged?

With the same care we place in every order. Always flat shipping unless otherwise demanded.

How much is the shipping cost?

Please check our Shipping Info page for update information.

Can I customize my package?

Yes of course! Pigmento Coolectivo does not supply these materials, though. Just get in touch so you can arrange things in a way you can add your merch and customization to your packaging.

Can I track my orders?

Yea, of course! We always provide shipping tracking for all orders.

What's your turnaround?

Currently, 3 working days or less.

How can I sign my prints?

Please get in touch so we can sort this out with you.

How can I control the numbering on my limited series?

The numbering is always controlled by the artist as not all sales will be made through Pigmento.

Do you also ship framed prints?

No! Pigmento just prints.

What happens if my order gets lost?

In the chance of loss, Pigmento does not take any other responsibility than the one that concerns printing. The shipping service is provided by CTT and is this entity the sole responsible for transportation and any loss that may occur. Pigmento, however, will always provide you with a copy of the Acceptance Certificate (stamped by CTT) for your reference whenever suitable. We have never had any issues so far, and we’ll always be available to sort any problem that may arise. Nevertheless, Pigmento prints, CTT delivers.

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Because you don’t need to create any kind of stock, your operating costs are kept at minimal, whether we’re talking about inventory, production, storage and even shipping!

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Unlike what happens with the normal production of prints from our standard service, the printing service for order fulfillment or print-on-demand garante-lhe que as suas imagens ficarão guardadas no nosso armazenamento local (com redundância). Os mesmos serão eliminados apenas quando emitir essa ordem.

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Custos de produção e operacionais mais baixos significam que mais do seu tempo e dinheiro pode ser gasto na divulgação do seu negócio e relacionamento com os seus clientes, tornando o modelo de print-on-demand a forma mais eficiente de vender impressões online.

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When enrolling in our program print-on-demand (or for order fulfillment), let us know if you want to have our brand on your shipments or if you want to use your own stickers and corporate identity. We may also include brochures, certificates of authenticity or delivery notes in your shipments. Please feel free to contact us and present your needs.

We’re available for any further clarification or detailed information. Do you have a special need?

Please get in touch!