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Sometimes, even great prints get damaged

Damaged prints return policy

Our main objective is always your total and absolute satisfaction; however, the process is not always perfect and, above all, deliveries do not always go as we wish and you, rightly, expect. In case the packages are visibly damaged on arrival, you must not accept them, or if you accept delivery, make sure that the carrier notes the claim for the damaged package on the delivery slip.

If you inadvertently accepted the shipment and only then noticed the damaged prints, you should immediately contact Pigmento at shipping@pigmentocoolectivo.com, so that we can investigate everything and help you throughout the process.

Also, consider that if the print is damaged by damage to the packaging caused by the carrier, the packaging must be returned to Pigmento Coolectivo in its original packaging. Our packaging is always reusable and damage assessment is essential to open a claim/request for clarification with the carrier.

We are not responsible and reserve the right to reject possible returns when prints are damaged due to:

  • improper handling by the customer;
  • handling without gloves suitable for handling the prints (powder-free cotton or nitrile);

Shipping costs (postage) for returning prints are shared between the Customer and Pigmento Coolectivo. The Customer must send the damaged order to Pigmento Colectivo with postage paid by the client, and after verification of the customer’s complaint, Pigmento Colectivo will return a new print paying for postage and new packaging.

For more information, contact us at shipping@pigmentocoletivo.com

Aveiro, February 5, 2024

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